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Wordpress Username Enumeration

In Wordpress we can do a username enumeration in several ways. We can do it via Metasploit or Nmap NSE Script. But if both of these are not available or we want to use another simpler method, here is one mentioned below.

A Bash Script to enumerate Wordpress usernames.

Copy the below Bash code text into a .sh file.
Change the website to URL to your desired URL.
Change the range of user ids default is 1 to 20.
Then chmod the file to make it executable ( chmod +x linux terminal)
and run ./

BASH Code:

 for i in {1..20}; do curl -s -L -i http://www.your-desired-website/?author=$i | grep -E -o "\" title=\"View all posts by [a-z0-9A-Z\-\.]*|Location:.*" | sed 's/\// /g' | cut -f 6 -d ' ' | grep -v "^$"; done

CYB3RTR0N , 574r570rm
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Creating a Keyboard shortcut to Terminal

In Kali linux , the keyboard shortcut to Terminal is missing by default, that was a convenience that pentesters miss the most. We had this available by default in backtrack.

One way to open terminal with keyboard is to press Alt + F2 , a command window will open , and write " gnome-terminal " and press Enter.

Second way is to create a keyboard shortcut permanently to the terminal.

For this, we will goto Settings > Devices > Keyboard.

In the shortcuts section, scroll down to the end of the list , we will find a " + " sign, that is for adding a new shortcut.

We have three text boxes here to fill.

1- Name : Enter the Name for the Shortcut e.g. "Terminal".

2- Command :Enter the command for the program. In our case its terminal. The command for terminal is " gnome-terminal".

3- Shortcut :  press the buttons you want to use as a keyboard shortcut for the above command. Here it can be "Ctrl+T" or " Super+T" or you can add any …

VLC Player not working or opening in Kali 2.0

Hello Kali fans,

I installed the famous vlc player on my kali 2.0 but unfortunately it was not executing properly and was not opening at all.

So, here is a fix for that if you find yourself in the same situation.

open terminal window and type hexeditor /usr/bin/vlc It will open a hexeditor of vlc file, be careful not to change anything here that you don't know of, because it can make vlc crash completely.

Press ctrl+w to open the search dialog box, Press enter for the option, to search for a string Type geteuid in the search bar and press enter.Press tab and the cursor is now on the g of geteuid,Start writing getppid,as it will overwrite the text, make sure to not press any other key. Dont worry if you can't see what you are writing, just make sure when you type g it is overwritten on the already written g of geteuid.Press ctrl+x to save and exit.

Open VLC player it will work now.

CYB3RTR0N , 574r570rm

Missing "New Document" in Right-Click Menu in Kali

Having a new document /text file in right menu is very convenient. In Kali rolling i found it missing. Below is the method of how to add a new text file/ New Document to the right click menu.

In Root Folder search for Templates folder.

Inside Templates folder , if you are in GUI , right click and open In terminal , Now you are in Terminal , type leafpad "New Document".

I am using leafpad , you can use any text editor of your choice  that is installed in your system.

Save that New Document empty text file in templates folder.

and thats it, you have New document / Text file in your right menu.


How to install Virtual box in Kali linux rollling

I made Kali linux (rolling) as the primary OS for one of my systems.The problem i faced was in installation of virtual box. Regular method i.e. apt-get install virtualbox , was not working.

After doing my research ,i found this method working for me... S
Sharing here so that someone in a similar situation as mine can use it.

Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list
deb kali-rolling main non-free contribdo the following, second command might take some time, let it finish completely.
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgradeOnce the upgrade is completed , run
apt-get install virtualbox


Basic python program in linux to see if a port is open

Below is a simple python program in linux to see if a port is open or close.

import socket
ip = raw_input("Enter the IP Address: ")
port = input("Enter the Port Number: ")
sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
if sock.connect_ex((ip,port)):
        print "Port",port, "is closed"
        print "Port",port, "is open"

We will use which to know about the location of python, so we can use it in hash bang.
next we are importing the socket library.
taking as input and port are self explanatory.
SOCKET constants and functions are used to get socket connected to sock variable.
connect_ex will throw an exception if the port is closed , and we are utilizing it to display "the port is closed"
else it will be open.

make it executable and run,...

I am not going into details, as there are many tutorials out there to learn the basics.


Bash program to find active ips

I am learning Ethical hacking and penetration testing these days, and thought to write something in blog so that it can be helpful for others.

So today i learned how to write a bash program to find active ips on your network.

here is the program, i will explain it below.

if [ "$1" == "" ]
echo "Usage: ./ [network]"
echo "Example: ./ 192.168.1"
for x in {1..254} ; do
ping -c 1 $1.$x |grep "64 bytes"|cut -d" " -f4|sed 's/.$//'

I won't go into the complete details , instead i am writing out only the problems i faced.

first is the if command syntax , there is a space after if [ , it will give error if you write without space if[ The seq command somehow didn't worked for me, (i am using ubuntu 17), so i used {1..254}, this command will let the variable take one value at a time from 1 to 254semi colon after the range is defined.must use a space after sed command i.e. sed 's…