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printer hacking 101 walkthrough ( )

WALKTHROUGH (spoiler) OF PRINTER HACKING 101 by swafox in Try Hack Me   (   Unit 1 introduction   In This section the creator of the room shared some quick info about the famous Pewdiepie hacking. Where the hacker hacked about 50,000 printers and printed a page asking for subscribing to pewdiepie youtube channel 😊     Unit 2 ipp port   The cause of pewdiepie hacking was the open IPP port. An open IPP port can expose a lot of sensitive information such as printer name, location, model, firmware version, or even printer wifi SSID. What port does IPP run on? 631     Unit 3# Targeting and exploitation In this section we have the deploy button to Deploy the machine A handy tool for printer exploitation is shared. Github: The Printer Exploitation Toolkit is a handy tool that is used for both local targeting and exploitation. There are exactly three options you need to try when exploiting a printer usin

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